Our Team

Church Elders

  • Todd Core
    Todd Core Lead Pastor
  • Ben Stokes
    Ben Stokes Associate Pastor
  • LaVan Watts
    LaVan Watts Elder
  • Nathaniel Robinson
    Nathaniel Robinson Elder
  • Kerwin Smith
    Kerwin Smith Elder

Church Staff

  • Todd Core
    Todd Core Lead Pastor
  • John Greene
    John Greene Pastor Emeritus
  • Ben Stokes
    Ben Stokes Associate Pastor
  • Barry Bennett
    Barry Bennett Executive Administrator
  • Ross Wellman
    Ross Wellman Missions Pastor
  • Justin Easley
    Justin Easley Discipleship Pastor
  • Stacy Perkins
    Stacy Perkins Worship Pastor
  • Joel Wier
    Joel Wier Worship Pastor
  • Kathryn Greene
    Kathryn Greene Women's Ministry Director
  • Sarah Gandy
    Sarah Gandy Membership Director
  • Barbara Goins
    Barbara Goins Human Resource Director
  • Charles Roberds
    Charles Roberds Production Coordinator
  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller TechArts Specialist
  • Tina Clarke
    Tina Clarke Finance Coordinator
  • Ana Watts
    Ana Watts Communications Coordinator
  • Kellie Roberds
    Kellie Roberds Graphic Designer
  • Janil Bailey
    Janil Bailey Digital Engagement Specialist
  • Dylan Sandlin
    Dylan Sandlin Student Associate
  • Traci Hall
    Traci Hall Student Associate
  • Donna Caples
    Donna Caples Discipleship Coordinator
  • Brian Swetnam
    Brian Swetnam Maintenance
  • Peggy Bonney
    Peggy Bonney Custodian
  • Peggy Huckabay
    Peggy Huckabay Administrative Assistant

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